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Mark Alan Fuller Among First to Participate in National Advertising Program for Luxury Home Specialists 

Houston, Texas (June, 2006) Mark Alan Fuller, a Houston real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty – Memorial, is among the first group of real estate agents invited to participate in a national advertising program between The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Magazine, and The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.  

“This is a great opportunity for me and my clients,” says Fuller.  “Participating in this program allows me to reach clients across the nation who may be looking to Houston for their next upper-tier property.” 

A recent report by The Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies shows that the number of “million-dollar” homes has grown dramatically faster than the total number of homes in the U.S.  This increase in upper-tier properties has led to Houston seeing an increase in the number of new and inexperienced real estate agents targeting the upscale market segment. 

Houston has a lot to offer affluent customers,” Fuller continued.  “Recognition by The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing assures those potential buyers of my unique training and specialized knowledge, and opens new communication networks that will enhance my ability to serve my clients well.” 

Fuller’s national exposure comes at the right time.  According to Carl Steidtmann, chief economist for Deloitte Research, a leading professional financial services firm, “many consumers postponed buying new homes until interest rates reached the bottom.  With interest rates on the rise, they have decided to get off the dime to avoid higher rates.”  Steidtmann’s comments were reinforced by a Wall Street Journal article in mid-May, which reported that multi-million dollar homes “are starting to sell briskly.” 

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing decided to feature some of its members in The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s financial weekly because of the publications’ strong readership profiles: Their readers have an average household income of over $200,000 and have an average household net worth of over $2 million.  These statistics translate into a wealth of opportunities for Fuller to bring both local and national affluent consumers who are looking to either buy or upgrade in the Houston market. 

For current information on the Upper Tier Market, Contact Mark Fuller at 713-470-2161. 


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